01 / Luxury Packaging

One of our notable passions can be seen in our custom-made luxury packaging area. We consider the concept of ‘dressing an item up’ as important as making the item. The simplest of attributes such as the texture, colour, size and quality of a packaged item speaks volumes of the brand and to their customer. We endeavour to treat each section of the packaging with dedication, accuracy and the utmost care, ensuring that the end result is always aesthetically captivating.

A key specialism of Zone Creations is our ability to work on technically challenging packs that incorporate a variety of materials and potential experiential attributes, such as movement or lighting. Our collection of highly skilled craftspeople have foundations in cabinet-making, engineering, casting, jewellery-making, model-making and electronics which, combined as a resource, give a comprehensive potential for any packaging requirement.  

Zone Creations’ numerous years of experience, coupled with our knowledge of luxury packaging, is a great testament as to why we have grown monumental relationships with many of our clients.  

The Macallan No.6

Client - The Macallan

Conceptualised by Brandimage

Designed and Fabricated by Zone Creations

Our engineering team came up with a brilliant technical design based on original concepts from French Studio, Brandimage. The Macallan No.6 houses an unpretentious opening technique containing a fluid sliding mechanism while ensuring the bottle remains central in the bespoke case.

The Macallan in Lalique V

Client - The Macallan

Conceptualised by Burguess Studio

Fabricated by Zone Creations

Developed for the limited edition 62-year-old Macallan and based on the original concept by Burgess Studio, Zone Creations were committed to creating packaging that would incorporate all the essence and luxury behind this rare whisky.


Client - Bremont Watches

Designed and fabricated by Zone Creations

From the moment we met Nick English and the Bremont team, we knew this would be a truly special project. We were briefed with designing and producing packaging that not only reflected the brand values of Bremont, but also took design cues from Concorde.

To design and manufacture an innovative presentation to match the grandeur of Concorde, we created a design that not only represented Concorde, but also offered a physical ‘reveal’ of the product.


Client - Bacardi Limited

Conceptualised by Stranger & Stranger

Fabricated by Zone Creations

This extremely rare release represents the ultimate expression of the pure origins of Aultmore Whisky. The frosted case has been manufactured from ‘clear silk’ Perspex with bespoke integral hinge pins to minimise any disruption to the outer surface. We incorporated a magnetic closure for the doors and an internal clear bottle fitment for locating the main bottle and a miniature sample bottle.

Silent Pool Ambassador Case

Client - Silent Pool Distillers

Designed and fabricated by Zone Creations

Having been briefed by our client, we designed and manufactured this briefcase made from clear Perspex including an interior consisting of high-polished edges and high-precision joints with moulds to effortlessly secure glass bottles. Fret-cut Silent Pool artwork was also applied to the interior in copper vinyl maintaining the Silent Pool appearance. Our team at Zone Creations beautifully accessorised this case with fine leather, including a shoulder strap for easy carrying.